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For Universities/Academic

We offer printing and publishing of textbooks and other study materials, conference materials, monographies, annual bulletins and all other books connected with University life in extremely short runs - from 10 copies! Depending on your requirements, we can offer you printing of paperbacks, hardbacks, leaflets or brochures with B&W as well as coloured printing in any - standard or custom - format.

We can provide the complete support for publication of your Abstract books/Proceedings - from typesetting and design to printing your Proceedings and producing CD/DVDs for you. We can also arrange (free of charge) including the contents of your Proceedings into the EBSCO and ProQuest scientific databases. Click here to see some of the conferences we have printed for.

We also offer printing of scientific Journals - and again, with the possibility to include the contents of your Journal into the scientific databases to make your Journal more prestigious.

Print on Demand - a special service for Authors, especially textbooks/lecture notes Authors, The books are produced only after a demand arises and the printing is financed directly from the sale to the end customers - the Author and his institution bears no costs and is guaranteed in receiving his royalties.

For students, we can offer printing of Diploma/Dissertation Thesis as well - we do printing from as little as 10 copies!

Very fast production times based on individual approach!

The Delivery costs for your order (except from distant areas such as Greenland, Canarian Islands, etc.), will not exceed 99.90/£69.90

Other products

  • cd and dvd
  • business cards
  • posters
  • simple document folders
  • and more...

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